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Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling manufactures and delivers Coca-Cola products to restaurants, sports venues, businesses, health care facilities, schools, convenience stores, supermarkets and more.

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As a local bottlerwe strive to make a positive and lasting impact in our communities

57 facilities including 9 production centers

We Operate in10 States

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People and safety

We value our people and their safety above all else. We know that great people are the key to continued success, and keeping our people healthy and safe is an essential component of that success.

People and safety

We value our people and their safety above all else. We know that great people are the key to continued success, and keeping our people healthy and safe is an essential component of that success.

Our core values

How we bring our brands to you

Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling distribution model

  • Brand partners

    Our partners provide concentrate and finished products.

  • Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling

    Our talented teams produce, prepare, package, sell, and distribute the finished beverages to our customers.





  • Who We Serve

    Our valued customers are large and small, local, and national — bringing you the brands you know and love.










Our goal is simple

To provide a leading brand portfolio and unmatched value for customers and consumers.

Our Responsibility Journey

As part of our RCCB Cares commitment, we believe in the power and necessity of working together to lift up those around us and leave a better world for future generations.

RCCBCares Logo

We focus on specific areas where we can make the biggest difference, including Community, Recycling, Energy, Fuel & Emissions, and Water.

Our History

  • 1886

    The birth of Coca-Cola

    On May 8, 1886, Dr. John Pemberton served the world’s first Coca-Cola at Jacobs' Pharmacy in Atlanta, Ga.

  • 1899

    Chattanooga becomes the first city to bottle Coca‐Cola

    The rights to bottle Coca‐Cola in most of the United States are sold by Asa Candler to Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead of Chattanooga, Tennessee, for $1.

  • 1915

    The Coca-Cola bottle is born

    The contour bottle prototype is designed by Alexander Samuelson and patented by the Root Glass Company and becomes the standard bottle for Coca-Cola®.

  • 1925

    The Coca-Cola formula is locked away

    The Coca-Cola Company Board of Directors passes a resolution placing the secret formula for Coca-Cola in a bank vault at the Trust Company Bank in Atlanta.

  • 1955

    Multiple bottle size offerings are made available in the US

    In addition to the standard 6.5‐ounce bottles, consumers can now purchase Coke in 10‐, 12‐, 16‐ and 26‐ounce bottles.

  • 1976

    The Reyes Family of Businesses is founded

    The Reyes Family of Businesses is founded by two brothers, Chris and Jude Reyes, in Spartanburg, South Carolina with a single Schlitz distributorship.

  • 1982

    Diet Coke is introduced

    Diet Сoke becomes the first extension of the trademarks Coca-Cola and Coke.

  • 1992

    POWERADE is launched

    POWERADE is designated as the official sports drink of the Olympic Games.

  • 1998

    The Reyes Family of Businesses acquires Martin Brower

    The Reyes Family of Businesses welcomes a new business unit, and enters the food distribution industry for the first time with the acquisition of Martin Brower.

  • 2012

    Martin Brower becomes the largest McDonald’s global distributor

    The acquisition of Keystone Foods greatly expands the Reyes Family of Businesses global footprint to 18 total countries and solidifies Martin Brower as the largest global distributor of McDonald’s.

  • 2015

    The Reyes Family of Businesses joins The Coca-Cola system

    The Reyes Family of Businesses officially joins the Coca-Cola system with the granting of distribution territories in Chicagoland.

  • 2016 – 2017

    The Reyes Family of Businesses acquires nine Coca-Cola production facilities

    The Reyes Family of Businesses ventures away from distribution for the first time and acquires nine Coca-Cola production facilities.

  • 2017

    Our Coca-Cola territory expands its reach to include California and Nevada

    This marks the largest Reyes Family of Businesses acquisition to date with the purchase of Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling.

  • 2019

    Reyes Holdings acquires Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma

    We grow our Coca-Cola territory into Tennessee and Kentucky with the acquisition of Coca-Cola Bottling Works of Tullahoma.

  • 2021

    Coca-Cola launches 100% recycled plastic (rPET) bottles

    The Coca-Cola Company launches its first-ever bottles in the United States made from 100% recycled plastic (excludes cap and label).

  • 2022

    Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling becomes one

    Our Coca-Cola companies combine to form a single business unit: Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling.